Wednesday, December 02, 2009

VirtualGear Studios

Thanks for your constant visits to my liveries blog, and i am really sorry for the time i've been off, but dont worry i would bring new liveries to you guys soon! oh! thank you for the almost 2000 visits!
Today i want to write about a little project that i am into, the name its VirtualGear Studios, created by Malik Guest and yours truly. 

we are a team of four persons well knowed arround the FG community, this persons are: Isaias Prestes, Julio Coello (ME!), Liam Gathercole and Malik Guest. The VG Team its working on the A340-600 a really good aircraft!
for more information visit VirtualGear Studios!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi JChnd, can you remove my full name please? xD thanks. (Liam will do fine)

- Liam