Friday, December 04, 2009

2000 Visits!!!!

Get the beers, and if you dont drink alcohol, get the cokes and if you dont like coke get whatever you party with to celebrate the JcHnd's Hangar's 2000 visits!!! yes people, 2000 visits! and for celebrate this, lets have some stats of my site:

* 84 Days on the web
* 74 Countries have visited this website
* BlogFlux Gaming Blogs #54 (12/04/2009)
* 6 Airlines
* 11 Liveries
* 5.29 MB of files
* 450.89 MB of data transfer, you guys have downloaded all of that!
* 22 Gadgets on this site
* 8 Tittle Backs (Images on The Top of The Page) 
* Almost 3 Months without a new work <---- that's sad! :-(

Well this are my site stats, about new liveries i will start to work again, at the end i want to thank you people for all this visits and stuff... Keep Visiting!!!!

Thank You For Downloading And Visiting!!!

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