Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boeing 767

Well, I want to introduce you the all new Boeing 767-300 (ER), its a new plane made by Liam and some support by Isix, so i think i can say that its a "VirtualGear" Project so i guess you will like it a lot, and as i am a proud VirtualGear team member, i did my part too... 

This is LOT Polish Airlines "Star Alliance" livery, i love it a lot, cause it have a lot of details...

And this is Air New Zealand livery, i did it for a request by one of the english forum members, i love it too!

I really hope everyone enjoys them, and the other liveries included in the package by Liam, Simbabeat and by me, 'cause i will continue the work on this one, i recently did GulfAir for the 767, so wait untill the realease!!!

Have a great day people!!!

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