Thursday, October 08, 2009

Continental Airlines 737-130 "New" Livery

Recently i had my 18th birthday... well yesterday... and i found some inspiration to make a livery... This registration N14209 belongs to the longest working 737-100 in the world from Continental Airlines, this used to be Lufthansa's D-ABEP was the 14th 737 ever made... sadly it was scrapped, where did i get a 737-100 for FlightGear? well... from Helijah's Site, you can follow the development at the FlightGear Forums, well i present you Continental Airlines 737-100, i hope y'all like it, here it is:

Download Here:
Download (FileAve)
It's in a .zip now, for all my MAC OS friends!

Thank You For Downloading And Visiting!!!

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